Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outings (Lansing)

Soup Spoon Cafe - Lansing (6 August)
  • Came to Lansing for an interview; finished just in time to get here before they switched to their lunch menu
  • Smoked Salmon Benedict + side of potatoes; the benedict was slappin'!
  • Blues music
  •  Had planned on waiting here until my friends were ready to get together as we'd discussed
  • Finished and paid and was going to stay, but the waitress told me I'd probably be asked to leave due to lunch rush
  • Had to find somewhere else to wait out the afternoon...

Chapelure - East Lansing (6 August)
  • chapelure (French feminine noun) = "breadcrumbs"
  • European and Asian pastries; flavors: mostly sweet, some bitter, very little savory
  • Iced green tea (bitter)  + Asian sweet potato parfait (sweet)
  • Jazz, technopop, indie, a sprinkle of chanson,  a smidgen of blues, a pinch of funk, and a dash of top 40
  • Decor makes you feel like you're in someone's house; standard cafe where everyone's in their own world
  • Spent the afternoon sippin' tea, people-watching and watching J-drama

Sansu - East Lansing  (6 August)
  • Over 4 hours gone by and still no word from my friends, figured I'd head a few doors down and eat dinner while waiting
  • Ginger salad + miso soup + shrimp and veggie tempura + Green River Roll
  • Paid and left, but still no word; finally decided to just head home
  • Waited all day for nothing, but discovered some excellent food around campus in the meantime

Note to self: this whole getting out thing is great and all, but I need to switch things up. Almost all of my outings so far have revolved around food, which isn't such a bad thing but... more importantly, I'm still spending the bulk of my time alone. Spending time with my friends today didn't go as planned, but I'd still like to find a way to get other people involved.

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