Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scaredy Pup

Someone decided that she doesn't care for blow dryers anymore, so the kind folks at the vet's office couldn't get her completely dry before I came to pick her up this afternoon.

Then this evening there was a storm, and in the midst of packing for school I had to sit on the floor with someone for at least a good half hour to calm her down.

It used to be that we only had to worry about wheeled, motorized or potentially-intimidating objects like vacuums, brooms, bicycles, and handheld electric fans. And she never liked being picked up, being put in her crate, or giving people kisses, so that's nothing new. 

But now that Madison's in the double digits, we've had to add storms, car rides, and apparently blow dryers to the I DON'T LIKE THIS list. She's lost interest in toys and doesn't even chew bones anymore! She just hides them from us and then forgets about them. As Ma so aptly put it, "It's gettin' to be like she don't like anything."


 Well, I guess sometimes it's like that when you're old?

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