Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Outings (Madison Heights)

Thuy Trang - Madison Heights (11 August) 
  • Restaurant named after the actress who played the original Yellow Power Ranger?
  • With Di and Ivy (Mo bailed, with good reason)
  • Rolls + pho (#3, #4, #16 and #20); it was aight
  • Lady at the table directly next to us was blatantly stared at us; I looked her in the eye, smiled and said hi; she just smiled back and kept staring
  • Picking up some tiny cherry candies before leaving
  • High shool friend meeting college friend = success!
  • One more stop for this trio on a rainy day...

QQ Bakery - Madison Heights (11 August)
  • Tiny, 14-person legal capacity
  • So many options! And soooo cheap!
  •  Coconut raisin bun + "crispy tart" (egg tart) + taro paste bun + "chicken cookies" + bite of Ivy's "sun biscuit" + bite of Di's "red bean snowball" 
  • Green tea jasmine bubble tea = Best bubble tea I've ever had!
  • No seating in the bakery and it was pouring outside; retreated to my car for nibbles and chit chatter
  • Ivy went back to hear car and embarked on her long drive home; Di stayed in the back of mine and decided she wanted to be "chauffered"
  • Discussion about police thugs beating and killing our people, and the declining value of black women in the eyes of black men
  • Had to sit through Di ranting about the many reasons why Kim K is undeserving

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