Friday, August 29, 2014

Outings: Sweets!

Sweets! - Auburn Hills (29 August)
  • Quiet colorful place with natural lighting; at a busy corner of an area that tries to promote itself as a "downtown"
  •  Putting a dent in 60+ pages of reading I have to do for a class
  • Random fact:  I had some of my senior pictures shot here, back when it was a gelato shop and cafe selling natural/organic/vegetarian and vegan-friendly goods
  • Name of the day: "Rachel". Darn. No free ice cream for me.
  • Website said they had soup and sandwiches but that didn't appear to be true; didn't feel like asking about it so I just opted for something sweet
  •  Popcorn cupcake (w/ caramel drizzle and caramel butter cream frosting) + TAZO "Zen" tea
  • Cake was a little dry but its icing and sweet-and-salty flavor combination were on point!
  • Only two people working
  • Customers came in and out or sat to enjoy their treats briefly; I was the only one who'd camped out
  •  Typical (yet no less pleasant) indie music that's to be expected in a cafe
  •  Customers have to ask for the key to get into the restroom; at first I thought it was cute (anyone remember having to get restroom passes from the teacher in elementary school?)
  • But then it just felt silly;  when that gotta-tinkle feeling came around the third time I just took myself home
  • Best. Barbershop. Sign. Ever.

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