Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We've Got a Swimmer

Today was my first day back at the shelter, and my second walking partner for the afternoon was a 3-year-old  Foxhound/Australian Cattle Dog mix named Jem. As you can see Jem is a very large and strong boy. I  had the pleasure of discovering that he's also impatient and stubborn. If it's not what he wants to do,  you can forget it.

Case in point. Toward the end of our route we pass by the pond, and Jem decides that he wants to swim. But given his strength and enthusiasm I knew that he'd pull me right into the water with him, and I wasn't having that. So I kept tugging at his harness trying to get him to turn around, but he wasn't having that. Then he just laid down in the water and pretended I wasn't there. He would try to wade out further, I'd pull him back, he'd try to buck out of his harness, I'd back off, he'd lay down again. Repeat all. This had to have gone on for at least 10 minutes before we finally got back on track. All these dogs that I've walked over the past year and I had not one swimmer. I guess there's a first time for anything, haha! Sure made for a memorable first day, I'll tell you that.

If you think you might be interested in adopting Jem, click here to find more info about him.

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