Monday, August 25, 2014

Outings: Bubble Island

Bubble Island - East Lansing (25 August)
  • Stood through my fourth and last "mandatory" introductory floor meeting, then booked it to this place
  • My first walk through campus/first outing since moving back
  • Certainly not new to me, but one of my favorite places to go just to pat myself on the back for getting out of my room
  • My first, if I do recall; not the best boba in the world, not the cleanest place in the world, but a an open and colorful place to chill.
  • Usually a classic black milk tea or almond milk tea kinda girl, but this time I try the special: Island Breeze (Calpico/Calpis + green tea + a bunch of fruity stuff + black bubbles per my request)
  • Planned on finishing a book and then working on a 15-page French project due soon; stayed until 20 minutes before closing and hadn't even finished the book yet
  • Returned to my dorm and walked through a boys' floor to get to the elevator; read two messages that made me pause
  • First: An RA's note basically saying, "Here's to another great year, the best year yet!"; mentions some sports/shenanigans/school spirit-related stuff that I don't really care about, but his core message sticks with me since this is my last year
  • Second: An item on a list of wellness tips/try-it-and-see-how-you-change challenges; perfect advice for a can-be-judgmental individual such as yours truly

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