Monday, August 4, 2014

Outings: Goldfish Tea

Goldfish Tea - Royal Oak (4 August)
  • A "real-deal" teahouse: loose leaves, tea pots, steeping tips/instructions, wooden furnishings, Chinese characters, the whole shebang
  • So many options! And anything you could ever want to know about tea
  • Too bad I was only in the mood for what turned out to be just-aight boba
  • Chicken salad sandwich + boba (black milk tea, pineapple flavor, black bubbles)
  • Found a spot in the back and settled in for a few hours, typing away
  • Kept my earphones in the whole time, but was really listening to the 4-person young women's Bible study (?) fellowship group (?) going on across the way until they left
  • It's fascinating how people talk when they don't think anyone is listening
  • Quiet, open, cozy, dimly-lit space to tackle a paper that's due next week; left with 80% of it written

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