Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outings: Kerby's Koney Island

Kerby's Koney Island - Rochester Hills (14 August)
  • Breakfast with another pair of high school friends
  • Got up at 8:15am and rode my bike 2.5 miles for this! Felt like a champ!
  • No bike racks so I propped mine up against the window of our booth
  • Egg white veggie omelet w/ swiss + hashbrowns w/ ketchup + wheat toast w/ apple jelly + apple juice
  • Another 2-hour round of catching up (getting kinda tired of having to fill people in over and over, but that's what I get for going away)
  • Terrible bosses/directors; career goals; travel plans; the few people from high school that we still keep up with
  • My friends are going places! One is a phenomenal percussionist/future band director, the other well on her way to becoming an accountant 
  • Plans for next week?
  • Parted ways just as the lunch crowd arrived
  • Rode my bike all the way home; that makes 5 miles today! All before 1 o'clock!

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