Monday, May 12, 2014

Bread and Butter [Paris]: introduction part 2

I'm not going to lie. Ever since I was accepted into this program I've been very apprehensive about the new experiences and challenges that await me in Paris. But at the same time, things have happened that have proven Ma's age-old wisdom to be true: God always provides. Let me tell you the ways:
  • Previously, it was explained to me that I might not get the type of internship that I was envisioning due to availability, competition with French people my age, my skills/interests/experience, etc. I was forewarned that I need to be patient and open to whatever situation I was placed in. But you know what? Turns out I got exactly what I'd wanted. La Métisse is exactly the kind of place I had in mind.
  •  I was also told that I might live on the outskirts of Paris, with a single woman, and have to commute 45 minutes each way everyday. Turns out I'll be staying with a middle-aged couple and their live-in friend. And the arrondissement they live in (the 8th) is actually in the city, not in the center but close enough, and borders la Seine. What's more, the arrondissement I'll be working in (the 17th) is right next to the 8th. I'll probably still have a 15-30 minute commute, but it's still shorter than expected.
  • Last Monday I got up extra early and spent two hours preparing for my Skype interview with the folks at La Métisse. It lasted all of 5 minutes, literally. 5:09 to be exact, haha. Honestly I think they just wanted to see what I look like, see if I speak French, and check if I know anything about their organization. They asked me a question about myself and I started to tell them, and before I'd said all I wanted to say they were like, "Okay, we'll take you." As usual, I'd been sweating and stressing for nothing.
  • The Saturday after I arrive, there's going to be a natural hair meetup in the establishment where I start work in June. A natural. hair. meetup. With beautiful brown-skinned, natural-haired Parisians. At my future place of work. I have, like, no reason not to go!
Good things have happened for me and I haven't even left the States yet. I only pray that this continues.

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