Saturday, July 19, 2014

Looking Like Myself Again (Friday)

I wasn't in the greatest mood and couldn't think of anywhere to go, so I spent yet another Friday night indoors. Rather than just lounging around and wasting time on the internet, however, I decided to finally take my kinky twists out. I was getting tired of them, I wanted to feel refreshed and unburdened, and I wanted to go home next week looking like myself. So out the kinky twists went.


In Between:


Just when I was getting ready to start, I realized that I'd been stupid and hadn't brought shampoo or a single comb with me. All I had was conditioner, bobby pins, an elastic headband, and the oils I've been using for my scalp. Thankfully M let me use her shampoo, and helped me find a comb and a paddle brush in the apartment that would be sufficient. Not exactly what I'm used to using on my hair, but hey, you gotta be resourceful and make do sometimes! I'm just glad it worked out and I didn't have to wait 'til the next day to go to the store.

I started taking the twists out at around 11:30pm. That alone took about five hours, and after washing my hair three times and styling it, I didn't go to bed until after 7am. It was all worth it though! My scalp feels clean, and I feel more like myself. I think I can go into my last week in Paris with a clearer head now.

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