Thursday, July 17, 2014

Repas d'au revoir/Goodbye dinner

This evening I was able to leave work early to go to a goodbye dinner held by the organization that put my homestay and internship together. I still have 9 days left to go, but some other students are going back home this week, so that's why we had the dinner today. We met at Le Café du Commerce, a 3-floor restaurant that's just a ways down the street from the Eiffel Tower. It's nearly a hundred years old and was built in the art deco style.

H was there of course, and we finally got to see E again after he'd seemingly disappeared for two months. But there were also a lot of students I wasn't familiar with from other universities in Utah, Iowa, and California. The staff who were there encouraged us to get to know each other, but everyone seemed to be in a "no new friends" kind of mood (myself included), so we all mainly just stuck to our school groups. I will give myself credit for purposefully sitting amongst people I didn't know at the table, even though we didn't talk too much. I actually spent more time conversing with the staff than with the other students. But anywho, despite the lack of mingling across groups, everyone seemed to have a nice time.

Thanks to EUSA for placing me and trying to ensure that I enjoyed my experience here! It didn't turn out exactly the way expected, but after getting over the initial disappointments I've found that that hasn't actually been a bad thing.

1 more week to go!

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