Friday, April 17, 2015

Sessions with Sue 36

Another week has passed, and I'm still feeling pretty stable. For now I'm just trying to be "okay" and keep it that way until I can progress to "good". Here are my notes from today's session:

  • Having to go back to what you thought you should have been leaving behind (home); you're making peace with it but it still needles you a bit; still feel somewhat disappointed and insecure
  • Maybe go on a trip/road trip somewhere during your time off?
  • Taking advantage of the opportunity to sort through all your options; people have told you for the longest that "you're going places" and "you'll be able to write your own ticket"; now you just have to figure out which ticket you want to write 
  • Just because you're going back to your mom's house doesn't mean you have to go back to being a little girl; don't have to do everything together or do things the same way she does like before
  • Be careful of when you feel the urge to withdraw, because when you start withdrawing, you start sinking lower and lower

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