Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Things People Give Me #20

top to bottom: Lemon, Strawberry, Nougat, Cola, and O.G. Caramel
Carambar. Portmanteau of "caramel" and "bar". Akin to a French version of Tootsie Rolls or Laffy Taffy, "except wayyy better", explained my friend Nyasha.

Today was the last day of  my French Linguistics class, and our professor ended the turmoil with a game, followed by Carambars for everyone. According to her, they're the best French candy ever.

To be honest I don't even eat candy. Apparently I care so little for it that I hadn't seen nor heard anything about Carambars during all of my two and a half months in Paris last year. Seems it flew right under my radar, as I'm sure many things did. But today I took one of each flavor that was available so I could try them all. Which one did I like best? It's a tie between "Caranougouat" (middle, with a tiny nougat filling) and "l'originel Caramel" (bottom). 

Merci Professuer Violin-Wigent pour les bonbons! J'ai beacoup appris dans votre cours, meme si je trouve toujours que la linguistique est très difficle!

Thanks for the candy, Prof Violin-Wigent! I learned a lot in your class, even though I still think linguistics is really hard!

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