Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Things People Give Me #19

While I was in class this afternoon, I received an email from my dorm about picking up a package. Color me slightly confused. Huh? I didn't order anything... Reading through the email, I noticed a line at the end indicating that this package contained a "perishable item", and that I should come get it as soon as possible. Color me very confused. Perishable item... like food? Somebody sent me food? Ma sent me a care package for finals week that one time back in freshman year, but... nah, I don't think she's doing that again. But seriously, who would send me food? Watch it be something I don't like so I won't even be able to enjoy it. Pssh, I might not be able to eat it anyway because a stranger sent it! What if it has poison in it? How would said stranger mysteriously get my address anyway? And why send poisoned food to me of all people? 

Imaginative guessing aside, between classes I made my way back to my dorm to see about this mystery at the front desk. I hand the girl my student ID, she looks my package up on her computer, she goes to the back to get it. And then comes back around carrying a big ol' bouquet of purple flowers, in a real glass vase, with a purple ribbon on it! Now color me all kinds of confused! Exceedingly and abundantly confused! In my head, my immediate response was, Whose is this?? She needs to go put that back, 'cause I know that's not for me. The girl saw my face and chuckled, "You weren't expecting this, were you?" Not at all, not at all.

Usually when I retrieve a package I turn around and leave as soon as they hand it to me, but since I was so sure that this bouquet wasn't mine─and since I noticed there was a card stuck in it─I stayed put. I  opened the card in front of her just so that when I told her that she was mistaken, she would be right there and ready to take the flowers back. The card read:
Danielle, congratulations on your graduation! Sorry I can't be there but know that I am so very proud of you! You have a very bright future ahead of you so "walk" with pride! Take care!
Yvette Stephenson
Ah, so they were for me. Ms. Yvette sent them!

She already told me a few days ago that she can't make either of my commencement ceremonies because she'll be away on vacation, and I told her it was cool, no worries. I thought that was the end of it. But I guess she still wanted to do something nice for me, so she sent me this early token of congratulations. No one's ever sent me a bouquet of this size before! How beautiful, and thoughtful, and timely! Right after my carnations from the Parade of Honors died (see bottom right of the top photo), the magnolias on the tree behind my building bloomed, and I was thinking how nice it'd be to have live flowers in my room again. And bam, my mom's friend/my "aunt" surprises me with these. Now my room smells like a garden. I'm so happy! I'm really starting to have a thing for flowers these days, and this is just helping me get more and more into them. Thanks, Ms. Yvette! And thanks Hyacinth House for the lovely arrangement!

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