Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sessions with Sue 35

Perhaps it's safe to say I'm on the mend? I guess it's more apt to say I'm on an upswing lately, as life is all about ebbs and flows. But yeah, I'm feeling better. Just trying to stay solid with being "alright" for now. Here are my notes from last Friday's session:
  • "I'm going home to decompress for a while and then I'll figure something out from there". Lately you've been saying that to people just to deflect from how bad you feel about not having any plans.  But it actually sounds a lot better than, "I'm just going home." Puts it in much better perspective for you.
  • Convo with Tiffany Toriumi gave you hope that singing in Japan is possible for you; helped you have the courage to pursue things after school ends that you've been hesitant about during school (vocal lessons, music workshops,  choirs, etc.)
    • working on maturing musically, working at losing weight and feeling good about your body; those actually sound really productive as summer projects/goals
  • After having two shows booked to zero shows booked; having the open mic night go well was very validating for you as a performer
    • plus having friends come out to support even though you hadn't asked them to, and even weren't sure if y'all were really friends anymore (thought they'd forgotten about you)
  • Notion of not getting into something right away as being akin to "drifting off into nothingness," as that former classmate of yours put it... Hearing that got to you a little bit. But that's not necessarily where you're headed. 
    • Sure, maybe you don't have a clear direction and can't give answers to that same set of questions people keep asking you right now. But just because you don't have something now doesn't mean you won't have something later. You not having a future isn't a forgone conclusion

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