Friday, April 3, 2015

Outings: HopCat

HopCat - East Lansing (2 April)

That one time after rehearsal last night when Hilena talked me into going to chill at a bar. She ordered Lindeman's Framboise and I ordered Positive Contact, but we ended up switching. The Framboise was like a spiked fruity fizzy pop. Easy to drink but bordering on too sweet. Then we had conversation over Hopcat's famous "Crack Fries". We started with our dream lives and ended with kiddie leashes. How, you ask?

See if you can follow:
If you could be anything in life what would you bewould you ever want to change your racethe amazingly beautiful honor that is being blackwhat would you say to mixed kidswhat I would say to my Blorean kids if I were to marry and have babies with David Sohow Hilena would be my wingwoman if we were to ever meet David Sowhat dating culture is like todayasking people "What's your favorite color?" as a more interesting and effective convo-starter than the typical where are you from/what do you study/what do you doif we'd be friends with someone we're interested incan't imagine ourselves in relationshipscan't imagine ourselves as momswould we use those ridiculous kiddie leashes

And this is a normal conversation for us! Ha!

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