Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sessions with Sue 38

Since the last session I decided to ease up on myself a little, and it's helped me to start feeling somewhat stable again. Today's was a much lighter conversation:
  • Decided to stop trying to lose weight for the time being until you get settled back home after graduation; still disappointed in how you look, but it's taken the edge off
  • Already not feeling like hanging out with anybody back home; don't want to have to face them and tell them what you're not doing
  • Mental health care back home; you have options! Could be a licensced therapist or psychologist/psychiatrist, but it doesn't have to be; could even consider a life coach
  • Still don't like the idea of taking any sort of medication, but will keep it on the table as an option if need be in the future
  • It would be too easy for you to just stay in the house with the dog after you get home; going out, doing things, and spending time with people are what'll really make the difference this summer, and that's up to you

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