Friday, April 3, 2015

Sharpei Sisters!

They had two Sharpei mixes at the shelter today! Big, brown, wrinkly, droopy-looking, squishable, beautiful ever-lovin' Sharpeis! Until today I'd never interacted with this breed before, so I could hardly contain my delight when I saw these lovelies!

This pair of two-year-old sisters are very much alike but their personalities differ slightly. Coco (pink collar) is very chill and sweet, while Brownie (brown harness) is more energetic and is a bit of an attention hog. In a mixture of excitement and probably stress, Brownie kept prancing around trying to nibble at my hands and my jacket, while Coco enjoyed being petted but was content just to nap in peace. That is, when Brownie wasn't challenging her to a duel of course. They were happy to have company in their kennel, but both of them were fighting sleep toward the end.

As a bonded pair, the shelter would love to see these girls adopted together (adopt one, get the other free!), but it's not a requirement. Anyone interested in Brownie, Coco, or both of these beauties can find their info through the links in their names.

**(UPDATE 4/7)** Both of these beauties got adopted yesterday! No word on if they went to the same home or not. Hopefully they got to stay together, but if not it's still great that they have new homes!


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