Thursday, April 16, 2015

Second take + Writing on the wall

Last night Hilena and I recorded "Please Keep Me Company" a second time because we really wanted folks to hear and understand the lyrics. We had a great time at the open mic last week but the sound was a little wonky, so we decided to give it another go-round in a practice room. Enjoy!

Speaking of practice room, on the wall adjacent to Hilena there's a space where some paint has peeled (or been scratched) away. In the empty space someone wrote a message in pencil that I wanted to share. Music students are known for holing up in these rooms for hours or even days at a time preparing for examinations, juries, concerts, recitals, auditions, and the like. So while it was disconcerting at first to see "HELP ME" carved into another wall up near the ceiling when I first walked into the room, the words left behind by this well-wisher helped balance things out:

"You'll only make it if you keep working"

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