Thursday, April 9, 2015

Outings: JMC Parade of Honors

James Madison College Parade of Honors - Kellogg Center (9 April)

My college/department's annual awards ceremony. They gave you a carnation for each award you were recognized for. Mine?  Phi Beta Kappa and "Graduating with High Honors" (3.9 GPA or higher).

Was a nice ceremony, but a little too long. Kinda wished I'd invited Ma to come. Overall,  for an event I hadn't wanted to go to in the first place, it wasn't bad.

And of course, you know we JMC Brown Beauties had to get a photo together. There aren't many of us in Madison (and even fewer were in attendance at the ceremony), so we have to stick together and support each other! Need #BlackExcellence ? Look no further than us. Black people go to school too!

Ahhh... the deluge of year-end award ceremonies has begun. 1 down, 7 to go. Exactly one month left until graduation. Oh joy...

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