Monday, April 27, 2015

Red Week and Me

A little TMI about me and my Red Week. Normally I don't like talking about these things, but I started today so it's on my mind.

For starters, I'm super regular. Four weeks almost to the exact day. Occasionally a day or two early/late, but always within the expected ballpark. Hardly any surprises. I'm also only a five or six day girl.

I didn't realize until coming to college how lucky I am to not have to suffer from cramps too much. Some girls have it so bad that they're out of commission for days at a time. For me, after the first day, my cramps are basically non-existent. And if I take Midol Complete the moment that the creek starts trickling (hugs, oranges, and the Lord's eternal favor be to whichever benevolent souls came up with this miracle pill!), I hardly feel anything at all from the beginning. Then it's pretty much smooth sailing from the second day on. A little pressure here and there, maybe some nausea, but hardly any pain.

And about PMS. I don't pay too much attention,  so I don't know where I'd fit in the spectrum. I guess it's fair to estimate that when that time is approaching, my daily migraines get worse and I'm slightly more depressed than usual. But I never become that raving, irrational, insufferable wreck of a woman who's biting everyone's head off and can't stop eating everything in sight. (Really,  how shameful it is that our society commits to this running joke about women that is so dismissive and void of understanding. We are the sources of life, but the natural regulatory processes that sustain that ability of ours only grant us stereotype and ridicule. We are to be honored!  Our "stuff" is to be honored!)

If anything, my most sustained mood change is the exact opposite. Once my cycle starts, I'm overcome with an odd sense of euphoria. Nothing phases me. I feel centered, rooted, nonplussed. Whatever will be will be. The more the river flows, the more I feel at peace.  I also notice a rise in my maternal feelings. My mind wanders quite often throughout the day anyway, but when it's red week those daydreams and fantasies include more and more musings about what kind of mom I'd like to become and what kind of children my kids might be.

There you have it, that's what my red week is like. In case anyone wanted to know. Which I know you probably didn't, but I felt like sharing anyway. You're welcome.

For any of my ladies our there reading this, what's your red week like?

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