Sunday, April 20, 2014

Back on Insta!

Today I finally took a long look at Instagram again, and was pleased to find that I hadn't really missing anything. Of course there are so many beautiful and inspiring things to see, and so many connections and insightful words, and so many people's lives to try and snoop around in! But taking a break has allowed me to realize that I don't really need all that like I thought I did.

I'll probably still spend a few minutes scrolling through every now and then just to distract myself or keep myself awake during those late nights studying or writing papers. But glory be to God that I no longer feel like I need Instagram to survive! And glory be that I can now look at those images of people and what they have and not immediately feel like they're better than me! Lent this year has taught me that comparing myself to others does not serve me, and that certain distractions are only so good as long as they don't take over your life in harmful ways.

 So here's the picture I would've posted today, if I could've been bothered. #nofilter #HappyEaster :)

Ma and me, before and after.Been going 21 years strong with this lady!

Update (4/24)- Changed my mind and posted this pic as my first #tbt ever. I'm getting back into it slowly, haha.

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