Monday, April 28, 2014

"I like the way you look at me..."

I'm sick of sitting here writing my final papers and I keep turning to the Internet to keep myself awake, so I figured why not revisit one of my childhood joys? So, I present to y'all the very first CD that Ma ever bought me... From the Bottom to the Top by Sammie (now Leigh Bush), circa 2000. Sammie was the pint-sized king of the world to me back then.

My personal favorites were "The Bottom" and "The Crazy Things I Do". And who could forget everybody's jam from back in the day, "I Like It"? Ma gave me this CD as a birthday present and you would've thought she'd given me gold, I was so ecstatic. Man, walkin' around the house boppin' and singin' along to this album in my portable CD player, not having to spend days writing 20-page papers about subjects that I've stopped caring about....Lord have mercy those were the days.

Welp. Random moment of respite over. Back to tappity-tap-tapping I go...

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