Friday, April 4, 2014

Sessions with Sue 13

Having not met in two weeks, we talked about a number of things today so it's hard for me to pick a theme for this one. I guess if I had to, it would be growth:
  • You've managed to bring yourself out of a really dark place and you're showing tremendous growth.
  • You're getting so much better at accepting yourself as a person who makes mistakes and takes risks with no guarantees.
  • Receiving and accepting compliments. You need reminding that you really are as good as you are!
  • This band probably means different things to you and Hilena. Maybe it won't last long. Maybe this will have been just a practice run meant to allow you to be comfortable singing in front of people and to embrace your passion for music.
  • You might have to start over sometimes, and that's okay! Everything doesn't have to be all good the first time.
And much to my relief, after expressing my reservations, we agreed to table the idea of medication for now.

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