Sunday, April 27, 2014

Not like Sterling

Ma and are at a Greek family-owned pizza parlor yesterday, and they have the TV on CNN. The current hot topic is all this racist Donald Sterling crap, his slavemaster mentality, and his I'm-old-and-white-and-rich-and-I-can-have-sex-with-a-black-woman-and-show-her-off-as-arm-candy-and-use-strong-black-men-to-make-me-my-money-by-playing-basketball-and-make-even-more-money-off-of-black-people-as-tenants-but-I-don't-actually-like-black-people-and-don't-want-them-coming-to-my-games-because-associating-with-them-makes-me-look-bad BS.

Ma and I are watching, shaking our heads like Another one, really? Yesterday it was that crazy rancher and today it's this one? That's a shame. Still can't get no respect in this country, apparently. And the white girl who's been ringing up orders and wiping tables notices and kindly asks, "Would you like me to change the channel?"

I love it when white people try to be considerate in the right way like that. We declined but I still appreciated the polite gesture. A white person actually caring if we feel comfortable in a public place? Go figure. Go 'head on, white girl! Thanks for your consideration.

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