Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cups and Magnets

First it was all the plastic kiddie cups from all the restaurants and fast food joints that we used to go to when we were a family of three...

...And now it's the refrigerator magnet from my favorite TV show when I was in preschool. Loonette and Molly from 'The Big Comfy Couch' no longer grace our fridge. This was the first thing I noticed when I arrived home an hour ago, and now I'm a little upset.

Parents are very tricky people. You listen to them (most of the time), you go to college and do well like they tell you. Then when you come home, what do you find? Little by little, representations of your childhood have been thrown away. You are shocked and confused, and explain to them why this bothers you. And they don't really get it, but to shut you up they assure you that they won't do it again. And then they what? Do it again.

"They're just cups. It's just a magnet. How was I supposed to know that they meant something to you?" Uh... like you couldn't have asked? Couldn't have run it by the childhood owner of those seemingly unimportant possessions before you tossed them? You can't speak to somebody first?

I don't care if I'm being silly or ridiculous or too sentimental right now. I'm in a quarter-life crisis where I feel this overwhelming pressure to figure out the rest of my life, and sometimes it's nice to have my childhood memories to fall back on. But my things keep getting thrown out and I'm sour about it.


  1. Hey Danielle, it's Candace and I read this and I agree! Usually it's the opposite- sometimes my mother might ask me "Don't you want to keep that?" but my dad will want to throw everything away, just because it takes up a lot of space. I just keep them hidden, just in case either one of them decides to throw it out :)

    1. Hi, Candace! That's so nice that your mom at least asks you first. And good idea hiding things. It never occurred to me to do that before but I maybe I should've thought of that.