Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Sassy Girl*

*props to any K-POP/Korean cinema fans who get this reference

Today was a great day at the animal shelter for three reasons:
1) The weather was absolutely beautiful
2) The trails were finally clear of ice and snow
3) I met this lovely dachshund mix named Sassy!

Giving the side eye to passersby
Sassy is very energetic and full of personality, but she really only gets "sassy" with other dogs. With humans, she's a total lovebug. The first time I walked into her kennel, I sat down and she waddled right into my lap and wouldn't budge. I sat with her like this for a while, took her out for a walk, and then came back and sat with her in her kennel some more. As a self-assigned dog walker I try to walk as many dogs as possible during the short time that I'm there, so on a good day I can work with up to 5-8 dogs. Today I only got to 3. I walked two, and then I got to Sassy and I ended up spending so much time with her that before I knew it the shelter was closing. She was just so trusting and adorable that I didn't want to leave her!

Now of course I have breeds that I prefer to work with (hounds and bulldogs/pitbulls), and I take to some dogs more quickly than others when I meet them. But for some reason I get especially attached to the overweight dogs I meet at the shelter. First it was Girdie, and now it's Sassy (who weighs about 50 pounds). Maybe it's because I'm overweight too. It's more than just finding them cute or giggling as I watch them waddle. I see them and think, I feel for you. You might get overlooked because you're not as trim as the others, but pay that no mind. Someone is going to see you and love you and take you home. Until then, we're in this together! I just can't help it. I want to rub them and hug them and walk them and let them know that their chubby bodies are loved as they are.

So yeah, Sassy's my new favorite! I would love to play with her again next week, but I'm also hoping that she'll find a nice forever home between now and then so I won't have to. If anyone's interested in adopting her, you can find her information here.

Update (4/9)- Sassy got adopted yesterday! Enjoy your new home and your new family, lovebug!

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