Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Goin' home, on a Tewsdae

I'm free! My finals week this time around was a breeze, because I didn't have any final exams. Three papers and an oral exam, but that was it. I actually still have the last of those three papers to write, but I'm basically done with "finals" as far as I'm concerned so I hightailed it home today.

So to celebrate the end of this non-finals week and this crazy semester, here are a few songs that came on the radio and ushered me home as I drove to freedom!

A song I used to sing along to as a preschool kid, sitting in the back of my mom's car. Ma would try to sing with me but I'd tell her that she couldn't because she was too old to be singing along to the radio.

A song that's saved my life many a time.

And of course, Detroit vs. Everybody. How fitting as I return home, even if it's just to the 'burbs. I have no right to claim the D, but I still feel proud.

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