Friday, December 19, 2014


Chrisette Michele @ Sound Board/Motor City Casino - Detroit (18 December)
  • My idea, Ma's money; been waiting for this since we bought our tickets on July 31st!
  • Been reveling in my solitude since last Tuesday and didn't want to leave the house; so glad I changed my mind!
  • The Lodge Diner (Citrus Salmon and Avocado Salad + toast and honey pilfered from Ma)
  • Best salad I've ever had! And free tootsie rolls!
  • Was worried that I wouldn't know the words to most of the songs, but I actually knew quite a few!
  • Was warned by the ticket checker and a cleaning lady that Chrisette Michele is BAD! (they'd heard her in sound check) As if I didn't already know!
  • Floor seats (good job, me!) 
  • Opening act: Ani (meh.)
  • Set list (neither conclusive nor in sequential order)
    •  Epiphany, Aston Martin (interlude), Blame it on Me, Supa, Charades, On and On (Erykah Badu), Golden, Goodbye Game, If I Have My Way, The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole), What You Do, Better, Total Praise (Richard Smallwood), Be Okay, Couple of Forevers
  • "If you're sexy and you know it, make some noise for yourself!"
  • Money notes (Chris ensures you get what you made for; you pay for your ticket and she sings dem "money notes")
  • "If you're the most incredible person you've ever met in your whole entire life, make some noise for yourself!"
  • Introduced each musician and gave him a chance to play; What does love sound like on (insert instrument)?
  • If I Have My Way = duet with BGV Ashleigh Smith (shoutout to other BGV Brittany B.)
    •  scatting competition; Chris: frisky and classy/opera, Ash: shy and soul
  • "If you say you love you and you know you love you, make some noise for you right now!"
  • Ad-libbing on Better, "Is there something wrong with making me smile as often as possible, baby?"
  • #RichHipster (, Rich in Heart and in Art)
  • We don't deserve how we're being treated; Speak out in peace and love #HandsUp
  • Encore
    • "I hate leaving the stage, it's dumb."
    • Songs from Lyricist's Opus EP: Super Chris (being your best self), Together (shoutout to Chris's secret-but-not-really guitar player boyfriend Justin)
    • Summertime (Porgy and Bess)- we've got a Father in Heaven who's rich; we're living this life just to live again; so things may hurt for a while but they cannot harm us
    • Love, self esteem, and insecurities (what Chris says all her songs are about) 

Chrisette Michele's been one of my favorites for years, but I wasn't familiar with all of her work. So I didn't know that she had it like that! But she truly does. She's got "it" and all! The things she's able to do with her voice, and all the different styles she can sing... and her stage presence! Absolutely unbelievable, just unreal. Now she's THE favorite. That concert just changed my life. Thanks #superchris. From one #richhipster to another!

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