Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things People Give Me #14

I got this today, which was my birthday, but this isn't a birthday present (something I was supposed to receive) so I'm writing about it. 

Our last project in my Japanese class was a group skit where we had to use lots keigo (respectful language) and present it in front of the class today. There were six groups, and everyone voted for "Best Group" and "Best Pronunciation". I was the person who won "Best Pronunciation", and so I got first pick of all the random prizes that sensei had brought from Japan/Novi. I saw this odd little trinket, and knew it was for me!

My prize is a miniature  琴 (koto), made of wood and yarn. Koto is a traditional Japanese stringed instrument, and I actually got to watch a demonstration and try playing a song on one when I was in Japan last year. Sensei saw what I chose and talked about it as if it was just a weird piece of junk, like it was kind of embarrassing and useless but she just threw it in with the rest of the prizes anyway not expecting anyone to pick it. But I think it's cool!

Thanks to my classmates for voting for me, and thanks to Endo-sensei for providing prizes like this one!

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