Monday, December 22, 2014

22, single, and NOT looking.

I've been here three days, and so far three of my family members have already asked me some variation of the question, "So, you think you'd like to get married in the future?" Wow. I know they're probably just curious or grasping for conversation fodder, but wow. Why is this a topic of discussion all of a sudden? Because I'm the oldest girl in the family? Because being 22 suddenly makes me "old" or "of marriageable age"? Marriage is a beautiful thing to aspire to, and I'd love to be married in the faaaaaaar off future. But I'm not thinking about any of that right now.

People are asking me about marriage now, but if tomorrow Deela did decide to get hitched at age 22, everyone would wonder whattheheck my problem is. So which way do they really want it? Let me hold hands with a guy for the first time and go on my first date before all that marriage talk, mmkay? Besides, I enjoy my alone time much too much to even know what to do with a boo. Being single (especially as long as I have, which has been my entire life) is a gift, and I'm not about to just throw that away!

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