Friday, December 5, 2014

Things People Give Me #15

Here's another email from Ms. Yvette. She emailed me yesterday to wish me a Happy Belated Birthday, but of course she had plenty of other things to say too. I read the email to Sue today and she said, "Wow. Everyone should have a Ms. Yvette in their lives." And I agree.

[subject: Happy Belated Birthday!]

Hey Danielle.  Happy Belated Birthday!   I don’t know why I keep thinking your birthday is on the 5th instead of the 3rd.  Well I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!  Thinking of you today, made me think of the time you spent the night with me when you were around 5 or 6.  I could not believe your vocabulary back then.  I kept saying to myself “This little girl has a vocabulary of a grown up”!  You amazed me then as you are amazing me now.  You and I talked until 3:30 am, about anything from TV commercials to wearing make-up and dresses!  Remind me to tease you!  You told me that night that you would never wear make-up!

I still haven’t seen you!  When are you going to be in town? I just shot your Mom an emailing asking the same thing, but haven’t heard back yet.  You know we have much to talk about!  Even though I was reading your blog while you were in  Paris, I want to hear about your experiences first hand.  I must tell you Danielle, you certainly changed my mind about your overseas travels.  And you know how I felt about you travelling ALONE  overseas  (“TAKEN”)!  But  I couldn’t wait to read your blog, to see what fascinating things you were doing, people you were meeting and sights you were seeing.  And  Even though I didn’t like the fact that you were in a night club LATE AT NIGHT,  I was disappointed that you didn’t get up on stage and sing before you returned home.  Danielle, you have the most beautiful voice!  I was stunned, mesmerized and mystified when I heard you sing!  Where did that beautiful voice come from?
I surely hope your are continuing to sing.  I can’t remember if your Mom told me that you weren’t singing anymore with your partner that played the guitar.  And I know you did not re-join the gospel choir at your school.  But please, find some way to sing!  You have a God-given talent that should be heard!
Even my nephews said you have a beautiful voice.  And my older nephew is the worst critic of all.  I think he thinks he’s Simon Cowl from American Idol.  But of course he had a “recommendation” for you to Improve your sound.  He said you should always stand up when you sing. It gives you more power and better use of your diaphragm.  He and his brother went to a performing art school  and they think they know everything about music.  Well I went to the same performing art school and I  think I know a thing or 2 about music and I think your voice is heavenly! 

Well, I hope you are getting excited about your upcoming graduation.  I know I am!  I feel like a proud Auntee!  And don’t sweat feeling any anxiety about not knowing what you want to do when you graduate.  We all had that feeling.  I know I did.  And unfortunately for me, I got into a career field that I knew nothing about, and still don’t!  But my good government job afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout the world and I appreciate that. I would have never ventured out and travelled to Iraq at my age!  And I’m not telling you this, so that you will “settle” for something you don’t want to do.  By all means go for your dreams and follow your heart.  You will definitely be more fulfilled and look forward to a prosperous career. And there is no doubt in my mind that you will do just that!  Can I get an AMEN??!!!

Oh, I must tell you that I was going thru a lot of containers I have in my basement.  Luckily, I kept all of the ticket stubs and programs from all of your school performances!  I sure do miss seeing you perform!  Especially when you played in the band with that crazy band director you had!  He was hilarious!
 I’m gonna find the time to put all of this in a scrap book!

Well I hope to see you soon Danielle!  Take care!

Ms Yvette

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