Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Outings (Birthday Edition)

Omi Sushi - East Lansing (3 December)
  • Absolutely love the deep blue-and-white thing going on with the decor; makes the place seem cool and sleek, yet intimate
  • Korean-owned? Not entirely surprised
  • Epik High ft. Younha- "Umbrella"  came on as soon as we were seated, so good vibes for me right away. That's one of my favorite songs from back in my 2009-2013 Kpop phase
  • Chrisette Michele- "Another One"
  • Japanese favorite #1: takoyaki! Wasn't the best takoyaki I've had but it was still PERFECTION! Why? Because it was takoyaki!
  • Ma telling me the story of how my aunt in Wisconsin was the first to ever braid my hair when I was a baby, and how it was on her advice that Ma did my hair while I was sleeping. Ma had never told me this story before
  • Katsu Curry. The curry was good but the tonkatsu was just aight. (Note to self: don't order katsu curry again for at least a year. It's basic, you order it every chance you get, and you don't even like tonkatsu that much.)
  • Me fretting about being the dreaded 2-2. Ma said I was trippin', "22 is nothing. What, are you going to do this every year? Until you get about 40, you need to get over it."
  • Her present to me: winter headband + earmuffs; something I would've been too stubborn/lazy/cheap to get myself. Genius!
  • I'd mentioned in passing that it'd be nice to have something like that and forgot about it, but turns out she was listening
  • Japanese favorite #2: maccha (green tea) ice cream! Haven't had this since I was in Japan last year, and this stuff was everything I've been missing. The real deal!

The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay – Part 1 - NCG Eastwood (3 December)
  • Stopped by nearby Schuler Books to buy the books that I'd originally asked for for my birthday: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (thanks for the tip, Chrisette Michele!) and Americanah (thanks for the tip, conscious people I know in person/follow on the Internet!)
  • Ma said she hadn't gotten them because she's always getting me books throughout the year, and she wanted to get me something more thoughtful. Thanks for buying them for me anyway!
  • Third Hunger Games movie, in theater #3, on the 3rd. 333! That's some kind of  lucky, right?
  • Selfie with Katniss
  • No, I will not be writing about this film. I noticed that I've only been writing about films that have people of color at the center (except for The Great Gatsby, but you catch my drift). This was unintentional at first, but now that I've realized this pattern I'm choosing to make it intentional!
  •  Still a good film, tho! A little slow-moving, but it's still really intense and gets under your skin in a good way!

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