Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014: 100 Things That Happened this Year (part 1)

It's that time of year again! I was inspired to do this last year to reflect on 2013 (check out part 1 / part 2), and I've decided to keep it going. For some reason I wasn't as excited to do this as I remember being last year. No lofty mission of trying to be deeply reflective or exceedingly grateful this time around (no energy to be virtuous right now), just trying to remember the most important things that happened. But I was determined to put this list together anyhow, so here it is. Here's a glimpse of what 2014 had in store for me:

1) I started doing Zumba and other dance workouts.
2) I learned how to use Prezi.
3) I found out that I passed the JLPT (N2).
4) My friend and I formed a band! It lasted for two months, haha. But we just might be coming back...
5) As said band, we performed at "the Grammys"
6) Ma and I went to San Francisco for a week.
7) I met Cyril Payen.
8) I did an interview that got featured on my school's honors college website.
9) After two years, returned to Tunnel of Oppression as a scriptwriter and sort-of-not-really acting coach.
10) I had a breakdown that lasted two months. Six months later I had another one. But during this month-long winter break I've been easing my way back.
11) "Type of Way", "My Hitta", "No Flex Zone", "About the Money" = songs that I'm embarrassed to admit I love. What can I say? Trap music grew on me, I couldn't fight it!
12) Celebrated my yoga-versary. My yoga practice became on-and-off throughout the year, but I'm on the "on" side of it now. :)
13) I went to Paris for two and a half months.
14) I did homestay for the first time, with a wonderful non-traditional, not-quite-nuclear family of kind and open-minded French people.
15) I went to London for two days with the help of a high school friend.
16) Being in France improved my tolerance for alcohol. I still prefer not to drink it, but when I do I no longer feel like I'm drinking acid.
17) Favorite song of the year: "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit. Watched it blow up in France, then watched it blow up all over again when I came back to the States. Same for "Waves" by Mr. Probz.
18) Interviewed for a job leading a help lab for advanced French classes for high school students. Didn't get the job but the interview went swimmingly!
19) Became the Communications and Events Intern for the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. My job: treasure-hunting for art.
20) Had a falling out with my dad. For the first time in my life I tried to be honest with him and it blew up in my face. We're no longer on speaking terms (read: I've chosen to cease communication for the time being). One of the worst yet best things that could've happened in my life right now.
21) Became an oatmeal addict.
22) Discovered soy/almond/rice milk, in that order.
23) I went to my first career fair.
24) I gave up Instagram for Lent. And I don't even celebrate Lent!
25) Dear White People, The Book of Life, Big Hero 6, and Beyond the Lights! Fall 2014 was a great movie season.
26) I turned 22 and wasn't happy about it. First case of birthday blues ever. But I'm cool with it now.
27) I rode a train by myself for the first time!
28) Did two internships.
29) My uncle had a heart attack, but was on the mend in no time thanks to medical attention, rest, the love of family and friends, and the grace of God.
30) I went to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time since 1st grade.
31) I went to ArtPrize for the first time!
32) Got profiled on ACGL's website for my work as an intern.
33) I applied for the JET program.
34) I had a conversation with my uncle about my dad for the first time ever. My dad's one of the few topics of discussion that can make my uncle angry, and so I'd always avoided mentioning him in his presence.
35) I applied for graduation!
36) Did my first successful twist-out!
37) Discovered the joy that is making YouTube playlists to collect music that I come across during significant periods in my life. Did one for my time in Paris and another for my internship this semester. They're like mixtapes, or musical time capsules, or something.
38) I wrote my 500th blog post!
39) After two years, I re-read La vie devant soi, the first French novel (first full-length French book) that I had ever read. Was amazed by how much easier it was the second time around.
40) I signed up for JLPT N1, then decided not to take it.
41) I found out that I'll be walking away with two bachelor's degrees when I graduate in May!
42) Decided I wasn't going to attend commencement but then learned I was getting two degrees and changed my mind.
43) Celebrated 1 year as a volunteer at the Capital Area Humane Society! Dogwalkers unite!
44) Got acquainted with my uncle's family dog, Cooper!
45) Continued my streak of not going to a single MSU sports game. Absolutely nothing against my school, just not into sports. No one can take my title of "Spartan" away from me, but then again no one will be able to attest for my school spirit, because I have very little. I'll wear apparel, but I'm just not here for the hype and the cult of sports fandom.
46) Avoided joining Twitter (and any other popular or newfangled social media sites) for another year! FB, YT, Insta, and Blogger are more than enough. Cheers to anyone out there trying to be connected but not consumed!
47) Two of my friends from school started their own inspiring, introspective, beautifully-written, truth-telling blogs!
48) Being one of those shining stars who graduate with a 4.0 would've been nice, but maybe that just wasn't supposed to happen for me and I've made peace with it. Hoping I can maintain my solid 3.9 through next semester (the last one!)...
49) Was fortunate to receive enough funds so that my second time studying abroad wasn't a burden. Going to France, we (and by we I mean Ma) didn't have to pay for anything other than the round-trip plane ticket.
50) During my final fall semester, I overloaded myself and went on a really unhealthy sleep schedule of 3-5 hours a night on the weekdays. But I'm happy to say that after 3 1/2 years of college, I still have yet to pull an all-nighter!

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