Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: 100 Things That Happened this Year (part 2)

Continuing on from part 1, let's get right into it! Here's more about my year:

51) #BlackLivesMatter
52) Started to appreciate hummus!
53) Joined a group of fellow students to help plan TEDxMSU but had to drop out and felt really bad about it.
54) Briefly considered becoming a tour guide after being the navigator of Ma and I's trip to San Francisco.
55) Briefly considered becoming a professional dogwalker, for obvious reasons.
56) My dad and stepmom started the divorce process.
57) Finally tried this "green juice" that all the hipsters and pretentious healthnuts/trend-followers have been raving about lately. Wasn't half bad.
58) Lost weight then gained weight. Now I'm back at my square one from 10 years ago, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ashamed. BUT! I've been working on it since I got home for break (why wait 'til New Year's when all you need is today?)
59) Discovered
60) Went to a slam poetry event for the first time and met bomb poets Natasha Miller (T. Miller) and Ebony Stewart.
61) Saw Chrisette Michele in concert for the first time and it was magical! The second concert I've ever been to in my whole life.
62) Had a stupid argument with my best friend since 2nd grade and now it doesn't seem that she wants to be my friend anymore....
63) Had some pretty curious recurring dreams.
64) Unwittingly became part of a community of basset hound owners/enthusiasts on Insta.
65) Senior. year. mannn. Had the most stressful and miserable semester ever, and closed myself off from the outside world because that's what I do when I feel anxious and under pressure. Senior year is no joke! Didn't have much of a life and lost touch with a lot of good people because of it. But like I said, I'm trying to ease my way back.
66) Reached one year of sessions with Sue
67) Read 23 books.
68) Madison turned 11 years old.
69) This email and this other email from Ms. Yvette
70) Still on my unintentional Kpop/Kdrama hiatus that started last year, but I was watching Superman is Back for a little while there.
71) Discovered the big-voiced, petite wonder that is Agnez Mo.
72) Ma got rid of all the themed magnets and plastic cups that I cherished as a kid.
73) Had my first (and let's hope last) encounter with the heartless, ignorant, shameful, pseudo-activist group the Genocide Awareness Project.
74) Skyped with my grandpa for the first time ever. It was hilarious!
75) Visited my great aunt Gladys for the first time in ages.
76) Was exposed to a bit of 'Attack on Titan' and was intrigued by what I saw. Still haven't sat down to watch it through yet. I thought I'd grown out of anime but this might be the one to bring me back.
77) I decided that I have absolutely NO intention of going to grad school in the near future, and I feel no qualms about said decision.
78) Succeeded as a member of Team #oneplate during Christmas festivities!
79) After years of having to put up with BET as if it were the only black channel on Earth/that black students deserved, MSU finally added all the black channels to their cable programming (Aspire, Centric, TV One, and even the Africa Channel). When I did watch TV, those were virtually all I watched the entire fall semester.
80) Ate Vietnamese food for the first time with a couple of friends.
81) Started drinking hot/warm water with my meals. I'd like to think it helps with digestion, but don't quote me on that.
82) Visited the KFC Yum! Center for the first time and went to my first UofL basketball game! My pride in my family's hometown just keeps growing and growing!
83) Visited UofL's campus for the first time!
84) Despite brief glimpses of light and release, continued yet another year of stifling what I hold most dear and sacred. Being a closet artist is equivalent to killing yourself slowly because artists aren't meant to be kept in closets. Always that gnawing feeling that you've got to let it out and show people...
85) My elementary school demolished all remaining remnants of the original playground that had been the site of much pre-pre-pubescent drama and recess merriment for me when I was a student there. Replaced it with a shiny new one. I guess it was bound to happen eventually.
86) Crystal Kay released her first US single and video!
87) Learned that someone in my family is gay but afraid to come out fully, and that a friend of mine had been the victim of rape. Social issues always seem to happen somewhere else, to someone else. But you'd be amazed to find out how much is happening right where you are, if you stay woke and pay attention long enough.
88) Started following Humans of New York/HONY (I know, who isn't by now?)
89) D'Angelo made a comeback! Had the chance to see him perform back when I was in Paris, for cheap! But I didn't go because I figured he was washed up. So. wrong. Dang.
90) In mid-November in Lansing, we went from fall to winter to fall within a span of one week. Snowed for three days straight, then rained for three days straight so all the snow melted away, then it warmed up and the weather was back where it started as if nothing had ever happened.
91) Term paper topics for spring and fall semesters included Black immigrant populations in England and France, reflection journals on my time in Paris (one in French, the other in English), Japanese victimhood in post-WW2 anime films, and Tibetan people as represented through HONY portraits.
92) My crush on YouTube entertainer David So continued. Going two and a half years strong now! Haha. But don't call me a fangirl!
93) Started and ended the year with J-dramas staring Ishihara Satomi, one of my favorite Japanese actresses. In January it was 'Shitsuren Chocolatier', and in December I it was 'Dear Sister'.
94) Sooo many people decided (and felt the need to declare) that they're introverts now, co-opting a hitherto uncool group's behaviors and personalities as accessories that now give you cool points. Like, really? What does that give you? Ultra hipster too-cool-for-life-and-all-people-in-it status?  What?
95) Continued my life-long streak of being single, and at this point in time I can't really be convinced that I'm missing out on anything!
96) Maintained contact with the first Japanese professor I ever had. It's been three years since I was her student and she's retired and moved back to Japan in that time, but we still exchange emails every so often.
97) My middle school arts camp buddy and longtime pen-pal released her first single!
98) Matcha became more and more trendy over here. Drank my first matcha latte ever, and was able to enjoy real-deal matcha ice cream for the first time since going to Japan.
99) Celebrated the first anniversary of this very blog, DeelaSees!
100) Never stopped writing. Whether it was songs or journal entries or blog posts; even if I wasn't sharing or singing as much as I would've liked, I never stopped writing.

And those were my 100 things! I hope you enjoyed reading my list of happenings. If you don't have time to come up with your own list for 2014, I encourage you to try for 2015. But jot stuff down as you go; that's what I'm going to try to do. Don't do like I did and wait until December, and then spend two weeks wracking your brain trying to come up with all that happened throughout the year. Haha. Make it easy for yourself.

Happy New Year's Eve to you and yours!

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