Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Break Plans

I've got four full weeks of free time and I don't intend to waste them! And I've already got some plans:

  •  Working out everyday, twice a day (this includes re-starting my yoga practice). I already got started this morning, and I'm going to do my best to be consistent!
  • There's a bunch of books I've read and dramas I've watched since this summer that need reviewing! So look forward to quite a few "BOOKS!" and "ドラマ (Dorama Time)" reviews!
  •  At the same time, reading some of the unread books that I've collected this year.
  • Writing songs.  
  • Studying and brushing up on my Japanese. 
  •  Maybe cooking/baking a thing or two just to get back into the hobby?
  •  Coming up with a way to better practice gratitude in 2015.
  • Trying to figure out what's next for me come May.
  • Drafting the itinerary for me and Ma's next spring break mother-daughter trip! 
  • And of course, most important of all, taking it easy!

What are your plans for this winter break and holiday season?

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