Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chicken Observations

These are only my personal observations, and there's no way I'd set my people back and play to stereotypes by claiming myself a chicken expert. But to anyone who thinks Kentucky=KFC, this is for you.

1) No, chicken is not all that people in Kentucky eat.

2) Contrary to popular belief, though Kentucky is the birthplace and Louisville hosts the headquarters of KFC, people don't really eat KFC like that. I mean people eat it, but not regularly or religiously (really, who could? you'd die). At least not the Ville residents that I know. Because...

3) There are so many other local/neighborhood/family/independent chicken joints in Louisville that people frequent more often. If you want chicken here, you have an incredible number of options at your disposal. Unlike franchises like KFC and Popeye's (which is few and far between here, for obvious reasons) these joints are less commercial, and the chicken's got more "love" in it. This is where people go more often than not when that cluck-cluck craving hits. At least the folks I know.

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