Monday, December 22, 2014

Outings: Day with the Little-Big Cousins!

Louisville (22 December)
  • Little-big cousin K picked me up, we met with other little-big cousin J, and all three of us visited K's dorm at UofL.  These young'uns got it good, that's all I have to say!
  •  Rode around in K's car as she gave us a tour of UofL's campus. Also rode past Manual High School, Cardinal Stadium, and Churchill Downs. They're all in the same area. Been coming to this city 3-4 times a year my whole life and had never visited those historic places. I'm so much prouder of my family's city now!
  •  My little-big cousins clowning about going off on rude and bitter co-workers; relationship drama; and apparently one of our cousins is halfway out the closet
  • Dinner at Pizza Hut; we were going to split a pizza three ways but I was voted off the island because I like "that weird stuff" (and by "weird stuff" they meant vegetables)
  •  Breadsticks and marinara + cheese personal pan pizza they made by mistake + "Cherry Pepper Bombshell" personal pan + pink lemonade + water; all that for only $7.41 (cheap food = crap food, but a fun time eating/cheap thrill)
  •  Menu photo and description for "Cherry Pepper Bombshell" clearly indicate pastrami, cherry peppers, spinach, and balsamic sauce. I got pepperoni (instead of pastrami) and cherry peppers. Asked about the spinach and they just gave me a bag of spinach to eat the pizza with
  • Blew my calorie limit for today out of the water, but I was full and satisfied! And after craving pizza, I can gladly say that it's now out of my system. Let's see if i can go without for another 2-6 months
  •  Shoutout to our server Samantha and her wonderful service! The real MVP! Was in the Christmas spirit and appreciated her service so much that I gave her all the money in my wallet ($14). Should do that more often.
  •  Sitting in on (dozing through) K's dance practice at church
  •  Rushing back to K's house to watch L&HH (eww); "Do I got the right of way or do they do?"

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