Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Outings: Go Cards!

Louisville (30 December)
  • University of Louisville Cardinals v. Long Beach State 49ers (...who??)
  • Wasn't gung-ho about going to a basketball game,  but glad I did!
  • First Louisville game and first time at the Yum! Center            
  • Got a late start and trying to find parking was a nightmare; made it to the game halfway through first half
  • Aunt Fay got us great seats! Not too high up, and just a couple dozen rows above the band!
  • Some kids were occupying our seats when we got there. They moved reluctantly but without argument
  • Not as big as the Palace (Deee-troit Basket-baaal!), but the Yum! Center is impressive!  It feels a little intimate almost
  • Appearance from Stephen Van Treese (player on the 2013 NCAA Championship team); he's playing pro in Japan right now (Albirex Niigata)!
  • Band playing "Still Fly" by the Big Tymers, out of nowhere!  I lived!
  • Aunt Fay told me that Cardinal fans have a bad habit of leaving games early. She wasn't lying; 4:19 left on the clock and the place was half-empty
  • Especially today, which also featured a UofL football game; as one man muttered on his way out, "Welp, it's football time"
  • 63-48 victory!
  • Had to drive the car around to get everybody; first time starting a car by pressing a button
  • Through downtown, back to my cousin's house for another round of sitting around the TV, all of us in our Cardinal gear, eating bad food while enjoying a good game
  • UofL v. UGA; Shoutout to #7  QB Reggie Bonnafon! His family's been going to church with ours for the longest
  • Aunt Fay and Aunt T discussing a wayward young girl they know who keeps running away from home;  how to set these kids straight; preventative programing; how to engage parents in a potential support group
  • The basketball game wasn't worth watching on TV because it was too easy, Long Beach State didn't have a chance; conversely, the football game wasn't worth watching because UGA came ready to play and we just couldn't get it together
  • Left good n' full n' sleepy though! It was a great evening!

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